I landed at Galeão Airport in Rio on Saturday August 8, 1987. I was a commodity broker in Miami and I’d come south in search of quartz crystals, quite trendy at the time. I had one phone number – a friend of a friend who was in the mining business there. I called him up from my hotel as soon as I checked in and he told me to be at his office at 9:30 Monday morning. “I can give you 15 minutes,” he told me and didn’t sound particularly friendly. Our meeting ended up lasting until almost midnight when we finished dinner and the next day he introduced me to some investors and we began setting up the company. I returned to Miami a few weeks later and began hiring staff and then hit the road setting up my American distribution network. The crystals were a fad, alas, and 18 months later I had to shut it down but not before building a distribution network of over 500 clients nationwide.