Manufacturing Nutritional Products

When I founded Power Nutrition in Bangkok, I set out with two objectives: 1) to successfully start the first sports nutrition company manufacturing products in Thailand and 2) to make the best supplement products in the world. I researched the industry for more than a year, flying around the U.S.A. and meeting with manufacturers and commodity suppliers, talking to nutritionists, personal trainers and bodybuilders and meeting with the FDA and USDA in Washington, D.C..

Product development took another year.I hired consulting chemists and food scientists and we began testing the existing products and developing our own. Ultimately, the final formulations consisted of raw materials which we sourced and imported from Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A, imported to Thailand and formulated by our contract manufacturers under my direct supervision. Our final product – Pro Plus! – was in fact, the best protein drink in the world and it was a big success.